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Frequently asked questions about the Skoll Foundation, eligibility for the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, and the Skoll World Forum.


I’m interested in funding for something not related to the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship. How do I apply?

At this point, we only invest in a limited number of organizations that are highly aligned with our mission and award program criteria through the Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship (SASE) program. We respect and appreciate the important work that you are doing and regret that we are not able to consider support for many important projects.

How do I apply for a Program Related Investment or loan?

We only invest in a limited number of organizations that are highly aligned with our mission and award program criteria through our Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship (SASE) program.

How do I apply for a job at the Skoll Foundation?

Please visit our Jobs page.

How do I apply for an internship or volunteer opportunities?

The Skoll Foundation does not have an internship or volunteer program at this time.

I’m a journalist and I would like to request an interview with Jeff Skoll or Sally Osberg. How do I contact them?

Please Contact Us and select “Media” on the form, including your specific request and deadline in your message. See our Media Resources to learn more.

I’d like Jeff Skoll or Sally Osberg to speak at a conference or event. How can I invite them?

Please Contact Us and select “Media” on the form, including your specific request in your message.

I would like to invite a member of the Skoll Foundation to my conference or event. How can I invite them?

Please Contact Us and select “General” on the form.

I would like to be introduced to someone at the Skoll Global Threats Fund or Participant Media. Can the Skoll Foundation assist me?

Please contact those organizations directly at: or

Can the Skoll Foundation introduce me to other foundations and funders?

We regret that we cannot assist you. Please contact those organizations directly.

I represent a professional investment firm and am interested in speaking with someone who manages the Foundation’s capital. Who should I speak with?

The Foundation’s capital is managed by Capricorn Investment Group. Please refer to their website for contact information:

What is the relationship between the Skoll Fund and the Skoll Foundation?

The Skoll Foundation encompasses two separate corporations: the Skoll Foundation (a private foundation) and the Skoll Fund (a public charity). The Skoll Fund, created in 1999, is a supporting organization associated with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. The private foundation was launched in 2002.

Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship

How do I get nominated for a Skoll Award?

The Skoll Foundation applies a multi-year sourcing process for the Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship. Our goal is to save organizations valuable time and effort, while identifying the most highly-aligned social entrepreneurs. To that end, the Skoll Foundation only accepts nominations from our network of partners and does not accept unsolicited nominations.

What does Skoll look for in a grantee?

A full list of criteria and characteristics that we seek in our grantees can be found here.

What if I have previously applied for a Skoll Award?

You are eligible once every application cycle, even if you have previously applied and not received the Award.

When are the winners of the Skoll Awards announced each year?

Skoll Award winners are announced just before the annual Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship, and are formally recognized at the Skoll World Forum Awards Ceremony.

How does the Skoll Foundation define a social entrepreneur?

Social entrepreneurs are society’s change agents—creators of innovations that disrupt the status quo and change our world for the better. Learn more here.

The guidelines state the Skoll Foundation will not support new or early-stage business plans or ideas. Can you provide clarity about that requirement?

The Skoll Foundation funds only organizations that have already demonstrated impact, with proven innovations that can be scaled to catalyze large-scale change.

What is the typical budget size of Skoll Awardees?

While the Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship do not have an absolute budget threshold for eligibility, we have found that organizations with annual revenues: (i) below US$2.5 million that have activities primarily in developed countries, and (ii) below US$1 million that have activities primarily in developing countries, tend to be at a disadvantage in the selection process. The selection process prioritizes organizations based on their ability and readiness to expand their impact significantly and/or scale up solutions, which tends to favor organizations with budgets that fall above these parameters.

Skoll World Forum 2016

How do I get an invitation to the Forum?

Each year, demand to attend the Forum far exceeds our capacity. Our delegates are hand-selected and we curate invitation lists to match programming.

Although the Skoll World Forum is an invite-only event, this year we are allocating a small number of spaces to be provided to individuals outside of this year’s guest list. Interested individuals are asked to participate in a simple application process. The application process is broken into two (2) rounds, after which ten (10) individuals will be selected to attend the 2016 Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship.

In addition, there are several other opportunities to engage with the Forum:

  • The three plenary sessions at the New Theatre in downtown Oxford will be open to the public. Check back with us in February for the link.
  • Several social entrepreneurship-oriented organizations use the Forum timeframe to schedule meetings and gatherings simultaneously in Oxford. Many of these are posted on a year-round platform called Marmalade. Check here to see what Marmalade gatherings are happening during the Forum timeframe.
  • The Forum will be live streamed on
  • Session videos will be posted to org immediately following the Forum.
  • Join the conversation on Twitter by following @skollfoundation and #SkollWF.

What are the dates for the Forum?

The 2016 Skoll World Forum will take place April 13-15, 2016.

We recommend delegates arrive on Tuesday, April 12th, as official programing starts at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, April 13th. Registration at Said Business School opens at 1pm on Tuesday, April 12th, with several optional activities planned for delegate participation including First Connections (facilitated networking), Walking Tours, and Serendipity Dinners.

It’s my first time attending the Forum. How do I make the most of my time in Oxford?

We’ve created an Orientation Video for newcomers with important information to help you in pre-planning for the Forum and to give you insights into how to make the most your time once you are at the Forum.

What is the attendance fee?

The attendance fee for the 2016 Skoll World Forum ranges from $550 to $3150 USD, plus 20% VAT. The attendance fee is determined by the sector in which the delegate works. There is no ‘early bird’ registration. Please click here for specific pricing tiers.

What is VAT and why is it being added to my fee?

Valued-Added Tax or VAT is a form of consumption tax. Per the UK government, we are required to charge 20% VAT for each registration purchased for the Forum. Some delegates may be eligible to obtain a refund of this VAT from the UK government by submitting a valid claim within the statutory deadline.

Can I bring a personal guest to any of the Forum sessions?

Each invitation is specific for each person. Personal guests are not permitted to attend Skoll World Forum activities at Saïd Business School. Plenaries held at New Theatre, however, are open to the public and tickets will be sold in the months leading up to the event.

Can I suggest someone to take my place at the Forum?

While the invitation is specific to each person, we will take recommendations on a case-by-case basis. Please submit your suggestion in the Contact Us form here and select “Skoll World Forum.”

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation refunds will be made (less a $50 administration fee) on requests received on or before Friday, April 1, 2016. Due to the nature of our merchant account, any refunds requested more than 60 days after you register for the Forum must be processed via a Paypal online money transfer and will be subject to Paypal’s online money transfer fees. Please note that refunds will not be available after April 1, 2016.

How can I participate in communicating about the Forum before, during, and after the event?

Engage with our online community year-round! You can follow Skoll Foundation on Facebook and @SkollFoundation on Twitter for live updates. Join the conversation using #SkollWF.

How can I offset my carbon emissions to the Forum?

If you wish to offset your carbon emissions, ClimateCare is a service that can help individuals and organizations to calculate their carbon offset and make contributions to stem the effects of climate change. The Skoll Foundation offsets calculated carbon emissions for our staff on a regular basis.

To minimize the footprint of the Skoll World Forum, we have taken great care to ensure that the entire event prioritizes sustainable practices. Therefore, every product you see at the Forum—including the signage, production sets, and furniture—has been made using local, sustainable products and reused from prior years when possible. Meals include fair trade products and local produce.

I was informed that I would be receiving an invitation to the upcoming Forum but I am not seeing it in my inbox.

On occasion, the Skoll World Forum invitations and other email outreach may get caught in spam filters and fall into junk folders. We recommend checking your spam/junk folder before reaching out to us. If you still cannot locate your invitation, please send your inquiry to Consider adding to your Contact list to ensure that all related incoming emails make it into your inbox.

For any additional questions, who can I contact?

For additional questions about registration or media inquiries, please Contact Us and select “Skoll World Forum” or “Media,” depending on the nature of your question.