Arbind Singh

Executive Director, Nidan

Skoll Awardee


Arbind Singh, 49, is a mission driven informal workers’ rights activist and social entrepreneur. He works with informal sector workers and their children. As national coordinator of the National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) and founder of Nidan he has struggled and confronted with government authorities at various levels to protect and promote rights of street vendors and other sections of informal workers. Organizing the otherwise unorganized working poor into critical mass of fighting people and center staging the agenda of change before political class, policy makers, municipal authorities and police administration across cities and towns have been his key forte. He organized and led several resistances to corrupt and criminal contractors turned mafia in Bihar and Western Uttar Pradesh.
His ability to build up, nurture and develop community-based organizations has earned him prestige in many regions and areas of country. Thus besides being a motivator and leader, he is also regarded as a dynamic social entrepreneur. He has promoted numerous community owned financial entities of informal workers, such as thrift and credit cooperatives of street vendors, domestic workers and artisans. Recently he also has organized informal workers of different parts of India under the banner of National Union of Informal Workers (NIUW).He presently works with 10,00,000 informal workers .

He was elected as Ashoka and Eishhenhower Fellow in 2007. He was awarded the Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 at the India Economic Summit by the Schwab Foundation. He was also awarded at the first innovation forum set up by the Govt of Bihar in 2007. In 2012 Skoll Foundation awarded him with Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship Besides, he has been awarded many times at various levels... He practices his belief and principle that a leader is one who creates hundred leaders. He is on board of many Govt and Non Govt Committees at national and state level