William Strickland

President and CEO, Manchester-Bidwell Corporation

Skoll Awardee


Bill Strickland is the President and CEO of Manchester Bidwell Corporation (MBC) and its subsidiaries, Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild and Bidwell Training Center, both founded in 1968, and National Center for Arts and Technology, founded in 2006.

As President and CEO, Strickland's duties include developing and implementing major fund-raising plans of action, working with Boards of Directors and Industry Advisory Boards and encouraging the participation of corporate executive officials from major multi-national Pittsburgh corporations. Strickland is also instrumental in the creation and maintenance of MBC’s operational affiliate centers in Cincinnati and Cleveland, OH; Grand Rapids, MI; San Francisco, CA; Boston, MA; Buffalo, NY; Brockway, PA and New Haven, CT . Currently, there are several more US cities pursuing the possibility of opening a center for arts and technology and one international city is also considering implementing a site in their community.