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Chantal Heutink

Founding Director, I-Care pads


Since 2006 Chantal is working in Kenya and from 2010 she started, in collaboration with KIRDI, to develop high quality re-usable sanitary pads.

Millions of girls in Kenya miss 5 days school per month due to their menses. The means they are using are leaking and unhygienic. Shame keeps girls from going to school. I-Care exists to mitigate this problem through the production of re-usable (washable) sanitary pads for the girls in school and the economically vulnerable women in peri – urban and rural settings. I-Care's Goal is:
: To empower the vulnerable girls and women on menstrual hygiene management, sexuality and personal hygiene for improved performance and self-esteem.
: To produce hygienically approved, affordable and accessible re-usable sanitary pads.
: To create employment opportunities.

Her dream is to provide the pads all over Kenya and from there expand to other African countries.