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Dalia Raschal

Founder and Managing Director, SocialTurnAround Organization


A veteran Israeli businessperson, Dalia Levy-Raschal was the founder and CEO of two successful corporations, where she achieved national recognition for her ability to innovate and lead, identifying market opportunities and formulating successful competitive strategies.

In 2006 she sold the remaining holdings in the businesses she had developed, and in the years following has developed an expertise in Corporate Sustainability.

A recent M.B.A. graduate in Corporate Sustainability, and currently is a candidate for a doctorate degree in the subject, Dalia has become one of the few professionals in Israel specializing in this emerging field. She brings with her a rich business background, coupled with an expert understanding in the contemporary theory and practice of CSR and business sustainability. With a wide network of specialists working in the field, she is in constant contact with leading sustainability academics, consultants and business-people.