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David Strelneck

Senior Advisor: Nutrient Value Chain & Ecosystem Services, Ashoka


David is a social entrepreneur and advisor to several public and private sector organizations on the design of environmental enterprises.

Since 1992 he has instigated and led initiatives in 22 countries in the Americas, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Examples include the U.N. and U.S. Government success eliminating freon pollution by car mechanics in 18 developing countries; the world’s first live wilderness webcam, in Costa Rican forests in 2000, to drive global attention to the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor; and Backyard Jungle, an early social network (in 2002) licensed by the U.S. Public Broadcasting System, motivating kids to go outside and explore nature by embracing rather than rejecting their use of computers; and others.

David now helps lead Ashoka’s Nutrient Value Chain initiative. He has worked with Ashoka globally for 10 years on environmental innovations.

David holds degrees from Stanford University and Harvard University.