Debbie Aung Din Taylor

Co-Founder, Proximity Designs

Skoll Awardee


Debbie Aung Din is Co-founder of Proximity Designs, a non-profit social enterprise operating in Myanmar (Burma). Proximity designs, makes and sells renewable energy and farm-related products and services that provide a path out of poverty for rural families. Proximity operates a full-scale design lab staffed with professional product designers. Proximity delivers products to rural customers through a vast network of independent agro-dealer shops and village service providers. Aung Din is a native of Myanmar and has conducted economic and design research throughout the country since 1995. She has lived and worked in Mississippi, Cambodia, Indonesia and Myanmar, working with a variety of organizations including non-governmental agencies, local community groups, USAID, the United Nations and the World Bank. Since 2009, Aung Din has led Proximity’s economic policy research work on Myanmar, in partnership with Harvard University’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation. Aung Din received her MA from Harvard University where she studied public policy and development economics.