Gary Cohen

Co-Founder and President, Health Care Without Harm

Skoll Awardee


Gary has been a leader in the environmental health field for thirty years. In his first ten years, he directed a national U.S. based organization that provided technical and organizing assistance to communities impacted by toxic chemical threats. In 1996, he co-founded Health Care Without Harm ( to transform the health care sector to improve its own environmental footprint, improve patient safety, and mobilize health leaders as champions for environmental health and justice. HCWH was responsible for eliminating the worldwide use of mercury measuring devices in health care, and is implementing a comprehensive sustainability agenda under the umbrella of Global Green and Healthy Hospitals ( HCWH is focused on positioning the health sector to play a leadership role in climate solutions by reducing its own carbon footprint and rebranding climate change to be a public health imperative. Cohen is the recipient of the 2015 MacArthur Foundation Fellows Award. In 2013, he was named a Champion of Change for Climate Change and Health by the White House, and in 2012 he was named a Game Changer in Health by the Huffington Post. He lives in Boston with his wife and teenage daughter.