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Kathy LeMay

Founder and President, Raising Change, Inc.


Kathy LeMay is an internationally-recognized public speaker, philanthropic advisor, global social change wealth redistributor and published author whose purpose-driven life centers on lifting up the voices, stories, leadership and influence of the women and girls around the world. Kathy has raised $175 million in support of movement building, women's human right and animal rights and speaks around the world about the transformative life; of shifting from success to significance, and putting humanity back into modern philanthropy. She coaches social change innovators and global donors to boldly and unapologetically create the world we know is possible. Kathy's book "The Generosity Plan", released by Simon & Schuster and Beyond Words in 2010, aims to put philanthropic power into the hands of regular individuals, families, and communities. Her second book, "Letters for Humanity" will be released in fall 2016.