Ma Jun, a Chinese environmentalist, scholar, and writer, started working as an investigative journalist, reporting on environmental issues, for the South China Morning Post, in 1993. His research interest in China’s environment and natural resources led him to write “China’s Water Crisis,” which described the problems threatening the communities, economies, and environment in China’s seven major river basins. In 2004, Ma Jun was selected for the Yale World Fellows Program, where he researched Chinese and American environmental management policies and systems. After returning to China in 2005, he began writing articles exploring the direction that China could take in forming its environmental and resource-management policies. In 2006, Ma Jun was named by TIME magazine as one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In the same year he founded IPE, a Beijing-based, registered nonprofit organization that has developed the China Pollution Map Database, the first public database of corporate environmental performance in China. Ma Jun continues as IPE director and, in 2012, won the Goldman Prize for his environmental protection work in China.