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Nikhil Saigal

Skoll Scholar, MBA Student, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship


Nikhil is the founder of Home Safe, a start-up providing chauffeurs as a safe and convenient alternative to drunk driving. Home Safe is a champion for safer roads in New Delhi, India successfully keeping over 50000 potential drunk drivers off the roads since 2009.

Nikhil has been forging partnerships between public and private stakeholders to ensure widespread awareness around road safety, as well as create strong enforcement structures for sustainable change. This included conceptualizing one of India’s largest campaigns against drunk driving in collaboration with Gurgaon Police – ‘Respect the Road’, and designing an official mascot to appeal to the masses, called ‘Traffic Tau’.

Recognizing Nikhil’s commitment and pioneering work around safer and sustainable transport, Ashoka selected him as a winning entrepreneur in the ‘Safer Roads, Safer India Challenge’ in 2014.

Nikhil is currently a Skoll Scholar and MBA Student at University of Oxford's Saïd Business School.