Social entrepreneur, real estate developer, author.

Pooran co-founded international environmental organisation, Bioregional Development Group in 1994. He has worked in sustainable farming, forestry, recycling & eco-housing. In 1998, he drew together the partnership to construct Beddington Zero (fossil) Energy Development (BedZED).

He coined the term ‘One Planet Living’ and has led Bioregional teams creating the overall sustainability action plans for over $30 billion of mixed-use projects including for 5000 homes in Portugal and 6000 in South Africa, as well as for the Masdar zero carbon zero waste city for 50,000 people under construction in Abu Dhabi. He is also a real estate developer, for example of the 172 unit Zero Carbon One Brighton project in the UK – the UK’s largest car-free development.

Pooran has co-authored or authored three books. His last book ‘One Planet Communities’ was commissioned and published by John Wiley in November 2009.