Opportunity—for education, employment, income, raising a family—divides those with a promising future from those without. Today’s global inequality levels are alarming, unprecedented, and inexcusable. To close the gaping divide, we must help create a world in which every person has the opportunity to pursue happiness, peace, and prosperity.

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Peyton Fleming - Ceres
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Field Visit: Camfed Succeeds Through Community Solidarity
Cindy Chen - Individual
Raymond Guthrie and I are in Zimbabwe visiting Camfed, one of our early Skoll Award winners (class of 2005), to learn more about their work within rural communities to support…
Blended Finance in a Nutshell
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The Future of Work
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The Outsourcing Sector’s Shift to Impact Sourcing as the New Norm
In a recent Huffington Post blog Skoll Awardee Jeremy Hockenstein—co-founder and CEO of Digital Divide Data (DDD)—posits, “Nowadays, almost every major company and institution outsources business processes offshore. Imagine the…
The Great Paradigm Shift
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Empathy-Driven Solutions for Rural Rice Farmers in Myanmar
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Opening Plenary of 2014 Skoll World Forum
Arif Naqvi - The Abraaj Group , Jeff Skoll - Jeff Skoll Group , Marcus Bleasdale - Wilstar Social Impact , Mindy Lubber - Ceres , Miri Ben-Ari -
The Skoll World Forum delegation comes together for the first time at the Opening Plenary to celebrate social entrepreneurship and the work being done in pursuit of large-scale systemic change.…
The Square - Trailer
Jehane Noujaim - Noujaim Films
The Square movie is a documentary about the Egyptian revolution behind the headlines. Follow a group of activists in Tahrir Square, risking their lives to build a new society of…
Gary White of The Ubiquitous Force
Gary White, Co-Founder of (along with Matt Damon) speaks about his vision: safe water and the dignity of a toilet for all, in our lifetime. For more information on…
GDP Turns 80: SPI Turns 1
What does a successful country look like? 80 years ago, economist Simon Kuznets introduced GDP to the world, alongside a clear warning against using it to define the wellbeing of people.…
How does entrepreneurship & innovation thrive in a stateless nation?
As Palestine continues to strive for full statehood, there are signs of growth in economic development throughout the region; change makers in the private sector, entrepreneurs, innovators and philanthropists are…
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Sally Osberg, CEO of the Skoll Foundation, describes "the social entrepreneur" as part of this special special series from the Skoll World Forum featuring social entrepreneurs and other innovators discussing…
Can It Be Replicated? A Look at Rwanda’s Development Gains in Context
Agnes Binagwaho - University of Global Health Equity , Dale Dawson - Bridge2Rwanda , Mary Robinson - Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice , Matthew Bishop - Economist , Paul Farmer - Partners In Health
Developing the Development Model: Reengineering Aid for the 21st Century - 2013 Skoll World Forum
Bunker Roy - Barefoot College , Dambisa Moyo - Economist , Maura ONeill - University of California, Berkeley , Paul Boateng - Akyem Law and Advisory Services Ltd , Richard Feachem - The Global Health Group