SocialTurnAround Organization

Professional Services/Independent Consultants


SocialTurnAround is a global non–profit accelerator and consulting organization, developing a unique viable model to help scale-up solutions to insoluble socio-economic global challenges. The SocialTurnAround Model is a recently developed new social entrepreneur project attempting to introduce a new paradigm.

The idea behind the Model is to facilitate and accelerate large MNCs in developing both new Social Projects as well as entry into BoP market (low income market). Model’s benefits are twofold: on the one hand it is a large scale social project, on the other it will serves as the R&D phase for a new market development for the MNC in markets currently unexplored (low income markets).

The social project phase of the Model will help the MNC reach a considerable large number of people globally as well as successfully compete in a new market (low income). This is definitely a win-win situation.

Research indicates that entry strategy for the BoP market can be successful only if it include developing relationships with non-traditional partners, co-inventing custom solutions, and building local capacity. The SocialTurnAround Model is proposing exactly that.


Issue Areas: Clean Water · Health Delivery · Human Rights · Livelihoods · Living Conditions · Sanitation · Water Management


Dalia RaschalFounder and Managing Director, SocialTurnAround Organization