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Bjorn Larsson

CEO, ForeSight Group


Björn Larsson, with a background as economist, journalist and diplomat, is CEO of the ForeSight Group, which since 1979 has worked with some 150 companies and offered 3.5 million employees opportunities to contribute to corporate innovation.

ForeSight´s entrepreneurial approach; to speed up and leverage the achievements of major ambitions, includes Passionate Investments – launched in partnership with the oldest bank in Scandinavia, Swedbank, first supporting the bank´s Family Office clients and later its 10 million retail clients to co-invest and scale what works well in social- and environmental activities globally. President Bill Clinton recognized the innovation of the initiative at a CGI plenary closing. Passionate Investments is now being further devloped and expanded.

Björn is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative and since the inception an International Ambassador for The World´s Children´s Prize, the world´s largest empowerment initiative on rights and democracy for the next generation to which Nelson Mandela (posthumous), Desmond Tutu, Aung San Suu Kyi are patrons.